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29 Αυγούστου 2018
Hotel Megatrends / Talks, during xenia trade show in Athens

Significant personalities from the tourism industry from Greece and abroad will analyze important issues on the stage of Hotel Megatrends.

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Within the HOTEL MEGATRENDS project, the innovative project of Xenia 2018 (24th till 26th of November, Athens Metropolitan Expo, Greece), in a specially designed open air space, special speeches and presentations of important personalities of the tourist industry from Greece and abroad, will take place. The aim is to present experiences and views that can significantly affect the future and contribute substantially to the creative redesign of the Greek tourist product.

The visitors of the exhibition will have the opportunity to live the hospitality experience through the tour of the structured live installation of “Hotel Megatrends” and additionally they will have the chance to listen to the experts for a range of cutting-edge issues, at the open air stage! The thematic sections that will be developed will be directly linked to the overall philosophy of the project, which is the emerge of trends and innovations, as well as the education of the tourism professionals.

hmt_talks_collage_1095_1095_01photo: Hotel Megatrends Talks by xenia 2018

The thematic sections of this “hospitality think tank” are listed below:

• Hospitality Design Trends: How modern architectural, decoration and design trends affect the future of hotels and tourist accommodation.
• Hospitality Technology Trends: The technology trends that must be adopted by the tourism industry professionals.
• Hospitality Wellbeing Trends: The international wellbeing practices, as a tool to make better the client experience.
• Hospitality Investment Trends: Investment trends in the Mediterranean tourist markets and how they inspire tourist investment in our country.

hmt_talks_1095_1095photo: Hotel Megatrends Talks by xenia 2018

The Xenia organizational team is in the planning process of “HOTEL MEGATRENDS / Talks”. Therefore the full program as well as the speakers will be announced very soon.

“HOTEL MEGATRENDS / Talks” will take place during the three days of the exhibition, from 24th to 26th November at the specially designed stage in Hall 1 of the Metropolitan Expo.

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