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21 Νοεμβρίου 2017
Rolo Protection, Safety and Shadow systems

A presentation, on the occasion of the companys recent participation in the Batimat Paris exhibition as well as its upcoming participation in the xenia exhibition

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The ROLO PROTECTION Company is specialized in construction and placement of pergolas, rolling shutters, garage doors and folding safety rails. Although it was found­ed in 2000, managed to be consolidated in its field by now, responding with consistent and responsible way to the specifications of each project, satisfying its cli­ents’ needs. The achievement of steadily rising activity is based on its pursuit for continuous updating concern­ing new technologies and market needs. At ROLO PROTECTION’s facilities has emerged the po­tential of being constructively experimented in addition to basic collections. The result of such vigilance is also the new line of aluminum profiles- of different types and with or without foam filled- which are used as shad­ing systems of buildings, all pergolas categories and shading of industrial and residential buildings. At ROLO PROTECTION’s production are also be included alumi­num windbreaks- manual or electrical, with or without wheeled jardinière.

2_rolo_protection_safety_and_shadow_systemsphoto: Safety & shadow systems by Rolo Protection


ROLO PROTECTION aims to vertical integration of production in order to have the complete control of both quality and aesthetics of each product. In this way manage to maintain competitive prices offering non-fluctuating quality and instant delivery of each project. All stages of production are exclusively carried out at company’s manufactory which is located in Magoula and it is fully-equipped with contemporary powder coating shop and a wide range of heavy equipment that covers all the construction needs.


ROLO PROTECTION bases its products’ quality and au­thenticity on the adequately technical know-how which is a result of continuously research of advanced construction methods, new raw materials and high tech heavy equip­ment. Exploiting and developing all the above features has both the capability to produce innovative ideas and the flexibility to apply targeted solutions even in the most de­manding projects.

3_rolo_protection_safety_and_shadow_systems_1095photo: Safety & shadow systems by Rolo Protection


The stable development of ROLO PROTECTION is also based on its constant cooperation with its specialized em­ployees. A fully-expert staff contributes determinedly to the success of the company. While keeping the level of services high, the confidence of customers and co-work­ers is enhanced. The long-term attendance of employees ensures company’s functionality between its departments. Those provide instant and without omissions integration and delivery of each order.


The ROLO PROTECTION, as well as each contempo­rary company, constantly invests in certifying both the production process and the certifications of its prod­ucts. The company is certified with ISO 9001 (TUV).

4_rolo_protection_safety_and_shadow_systems_1095photo: Safety & shadow systems by Rolo Protection

5_rolo_protection_safety_and_shadow_systems_1095photo: Safety & shadow systems by Rolo Protection

6_rolo_protection_safety_and_shadow_systems_1095photo: Safety & shadow systems by Rolo Protection

6b_rolo_protection_safety_and_shadow_systems_1095photo: Safety & shadow systems by Rolo Protection

7_rolo_protection_safety_and_shadow_systems_1095photo: Safety & shadow systems by Rolo Protection

8_rolo_protection_safety_and_shadow_systems_1095photo: Safety & shadow systems by Rolo Protection

9_rolo_protection_safety_and_shadow_systems_1095photo: Safety & shadow systems by Rolo Protection

10_rolo_protection_safety_and_shadow_systems_1095photo: Safety & shadow systems by Rolo Protection


Rolo Protection is participating at the following Xenia hotel equipment exhibition (25-27/11, Metropolitan Expo, Athens, Greece)

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