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08 Δεκεμβρίου 2017
Philoxenia-Hotelia 2017: the success story

The 20,000 visitors of the 2017 edition confirm in the most resonant way the prestige, the excellent professionalism and the constant development of these two tourism exhibitions.

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Success in ... numbers

The Philoxenia-Hotelia tourism exhibitions once again won the sector's vote of confidence, as it welcomed 20,000 visitors. In fact, at this year's event there was a significant increase in the number of professionals, from Greece and abroad. It is also worth mentioning that the entirety of the greek tourism sector, through the 13 Regions and numerous Municipalities from throughout the country, has a dynamically presentation. During the three days of the exhibitions (10-11 & 12 November) more than 4,000 scheduled exhibitor meetings were held with major tourist representatives from 36 target markets for Greece, thus paving the way for future collaborations.

chartpieeng_1095photo:Philoxenia-Hotelia 2017 charts

The exhibitors at Philoxenia were 400 (direct and indirect) from 18 countries, while in Hotelia there were 200 (direct and indirect). The foreign presence was intense in both events, with direct participations from countries such as Turkey - İzmir and Şarköy attended independently for the first time - Cyprus, Egypt, Austria, Russia, Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Poland, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Peru, the Philippines and Indonesia. Furthermore, approximately 180 international individual hosted buyers attended, while another 125 participated as a group delegation from Bulgaria, Albania and FYROM.

untitled3_1095_01photo:Philoxenia-Hotelia 2017

Highlight moments

Great interest was given to the Philoxenia International Tourism Conference “Asian Tourism. Greece as a Destination and as a European Gate”, where top Greek and international speakers elaborated on the potential of Asian tourism flows for our country. The conference was attended by over 300 participants.

The thematic sections of Hotelia were equally popular with the public. At the same time, the thematic exhibitions of Hotelia wowed the public, with visitors flocking to both DPOINT SPACES, where the SPA concept and the LOBBY concept were presented, and All About Café of Hotelia, where about 3,000 individuals attended specialised coffee seminars, as well as All About Gastronomy.Visitors were also highly interested in Green Zero Hotel ‘Reloaded’, the first modular ecological bungalow.

mak_5227_a_1095_01photo:Philoxenia-Hotelia 2017

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mak_3445_a_1095photo:Philoxenia-Hotelia 2017

The Fairs were held under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Interior (Macedonia-Thrace), the Greek National Tourism Organisation (EOT) and major tourism agencies (SETE, HATTA, POX and XEE), and again “flew” with Qatar Airways, the official air carrier of the events.

The next appointment with Philoxenia and Hotelia is renewed for November 2018 with even more rich content and distinct parallel events.

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