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23 Ιανουαρίου 2018
Pente Studio: set up with architecture and art

A team of architects choosing to apply a holistic design approach - from the construction of a building to the sur mesure design of furniture - to create the identity of a space.

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The architects Vangelis Mitsakis and Efi Kalogirou are the initiators and creators of Pente Architecture & Art as a common place of architectural and design expression that promotes the timeless identity of each space with respect to the human, the natural environment and the greek classical architecture. A philosophy that, of course, is embraced also by the rest of the team - Socrates Mitsakis, Evelyn Mavrou, Spyros Kontakis and Spyros Kaprinis.

The fields in which Pente Studio is active include interior architecture, architectural concept, branding, concept creation and development management. However, the design of furniture, decorative items and lighting is not only a parallel systematic occupation, but also a factor of continuous research and an inexhaustible source of inspiration and passion for unexpected and controversial creations.

pente_studio_2_1095photo: Viennese sofa

The aim of this versatile activity is to fulfill each time a different scenario with a stable point of reference the intersection between an upgraded everyday way of life and the presence of art with special and original pieces.

Along with the greek projects, Pente Studio exports, in France and Italy, products with a design that is governed by principles of greekness - harmony, analogy, aesthetics.

Pente Studio confirms the ability of teams to… write history, to change the facts and utilize the pluralism as a means of a "unanimous", balanced and distinct outcome.

pente_studio_3_620photo: Viennese chair

pente_studio_4_620photo: Chair designed by Pente Studio for bistro Nice n Easy in Athens

pente_studio_5_620photo: Stool designed by Pente Studio for bistro Nice n Easy in Athens

pente_studio_6_1095photo: Boat light

pente_studio_8_1095photo: Mykonos custom design chair

pente_studio_9_1095photo: Hotelia Design & Furnishing show

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