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30 Ιανουαρίου 2018
JOIN: a distinguished greek participation in Imm Cologne

With a renewed profile and enriched collections, with modern and smart design, the greek company Join participated in the first interior show of the year, leaving the best impressions.

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The participation in major international exhibitions is already included in the basic, annual planning of each company which has among its priorities the constant development and the opening access to the international market. This year JOIN attendance at imm cologne was combined with the complete redesign of its optical identity with a new web site and the launch of new collections and a new catalog with really high aesthetic photos and layout. Besides, the greek company JΟΙΝ and its founder, Yiannis Tzitzis, have a many years experience in the field of furniture design with consistent quality, originality and ambition for progress and renewal.

join_stand_imm2018_2_1095photo: JOIN stand @ imm cologne 2018

A rebranding that proved to be successful through positive feedback from imm cologne professional visitors - from 138 different countries - as the bedrooms that JOIN presented were characterized by originality, ergonomic design and managed to be a truly special proposal in this area, winning prominence among such exhibitors. Of course, the very careful arrangement of the exhibition stand contributed to this successful participation, as the products were pointed out and at the same time the visitors enjoyed browsing.

join_alcestis_1095photo: Alcestis bed (Luxury Collection)

join_alcestis_pillow_1095photo: Alcestis pillow bed (Luxury Collection)

join_delfis_1095photo: Delfis bed (Luxury Collection)

join_iocasta_quilted_1095photo: Iocasta quilted bed (Luxury Collection)

join_electra_pillow_1095photo: Electra pillow bed (Executive Collection)

join_sara_1095photo: Sara bed (Standard Collection)

join_sara_dark_1095photo: Sara bed (dark olive) (Standard Collection)

join_danae_1095photo: Danae bed (Luxury Collection)

join_desk_1095photo: Desk

join_wardrobe_1_620photo: Sliding wardrobe

join_wardrobe_2_620photo: Wardrobe

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