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04 Ιανουαρίου 2018
Greek companies are ready for imm Cologne 2018

Just before the first interior show of the year (15-21 January 2018), Interiors from Greece presents the greek entries.

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The prestige of imm Cologne, which lies both to its participants and visitors, is an indisputable argument for joining the annual planning of some of the most successful greek companies.

Gyllos, Hall 10.1 / Stand F048

The participation of Gyllos for the second year at imm cologne proves both its successful last year's premiere and the stable and organized extroversion strategy of the greek company, which began 3 years ago with its presence in Salone del mobile Milano and May design series London. Gyllos has been active in the field of furniture and hotel and restaurant equipmen for the last 60 years and has established itself in the greek market with its original, constantly renewed collections and high quality products. Elements that make it stand out in international exhibitions and at the same time provide the basis for strengthening its international business activity.

2_imm_gyllos_1095photo: Gyllos participates @ imm cologne 2018

Join, Hall 10.1 / Stand C060

Experience, know-how, research, specialization, design quests, persistence, prestige and reliability. Join has everything that makes a successful company. A complete profile that is ideally enriched with the company's first participation at the international exhibition imm Cologne. JOIN has an experienced design department as well as great manufacturing and production facilities - its factory is one of the most modern in Greece - ensuring bedroom furniture that stands out for their functionality, durability and aesthetic excellence.

3_imm_join_1095photo: Join participates @ imm cologne 2018

Kitwood, Hall 7.1 / Stand B012 & Hall 8.1 / Stand B035

With a steady presence in imm Cologne since 2012, Kitwood proves that its manufacturing and design philosophy is distinguished by its value, aesthetic and quality, and its clear objectives of opening up to the international market. It is a constantly evolving and flexible company that produces small furniture (from certified melamine board coated with melamine film) for all areas of the home and has made significant progress in recent years in both technical and design parts.

4_imm_kitwood_1095photo: Kitwood participates @ imm cologne 2018

Mexil, Hall 7.1 . / Stand F039

With a leading position in contract design, in Greece and abroad, Mexil participates for the first time at imm Cologne by sealing in the most productive way the extroverted character he has shaped in recent years. A wide range of suggestions provide Mexil with the flexibility to respond to any project (contract or household) with choices of furniture and objects tailored to the wishes of the owner and the architect and in keeping with the specifications of the space.

5_imm_mexil_1095photo: Mexil participates @ imm cologne 2018

Papadatos, Hall 11.3 / Stand Q041

In Hall 11.3. Papadatos will present its new products - which is participating for the third consecutive year in imm cologne - and signed by the design department of the company, as well as the three talented and acclaimed designers with whom they work together - Jacopo Giagnoni, Alexandros Franzolini and Sotiris Lazou. The participation of Papadatos is part of the Pure section of the world's leading marketplace, where not only new sofas collections, but also complete furnishing solutions will be particularly successful in reaching the audience targeting LUXURY BRANDS. This report is yet another step in strengthening its ever-evolving network strategy with outlets abroad as well as a targeted move for the effective development of corner spots and exclusive showrooms worldwide.

6_imm_papadatos_1095photo: Papadatos participates @ imm cologne 2018

Poufomania, Hall 10.1 / StandD031 C032

Poufomania's export plan continues and strengthens itself through another company's participation in the imm Cologne. Poufs for interiors with inventive design and distinctive aesthetic fabrics as well as for outdoor areas - even inside the pool - and a new collection with the signature of Sotiris Lazos will take their place in Poufomania's stand and are expected to spark even the most demanding professionals interest.

7_imm_poufomania_1095photo: Poufomania participates @ imm colgone 2018

Set, Hall 10.1 / StandF008

With such a successful activity in the implementation of contract projects, both within and outside Greece, Set participates in yet another year in the core interior show, imm Cologne. A leading trading and importing greek company that has profoundly used its expertise and experience to develop its own collection of products designed by its design department.

8_imm_set_1095photo: Set participates @ imm cologne 2018

The Interiors from Greece platform could not be absent from this great meeting of design and architectural fields. Promoter of the greek entries at imm cologne will have its own standThe Interiors from Greece platform could not be absent from this great meeting of design and architectural fields. Promoter of the greek entries at imm cologne will have its own stand {Passage Halls 10/11, stand A010} where it will present the new networking program THINK BIG, THINK BUSINESS IN GREECE.

See more about THINK BIG here.

9_imm_thinkbig_ifg_1095_01photo: Networking program THINK BIG, THINK BUSINESS IN GREECE by Interiors from Greece

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