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10 Ιανουαρίου 2018
Frankie Restaurant: open view

The collaboration of architect Dimitra Korombili and designer Spiros Kontakis, resulted in the warmth and sharp aesthetics of Frankie Restaurant, at Kolonaki.

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Two creators, a common approach, a really interesting result. Architect Dimitra Korombili and designer Spyros Kontakis worked together to redesign and renovate the space that would host the new Frankie restaurant.

Their shared goal was to highlight the characteristic feature of the italian immigrants' attempt to retreat to a new world (New York, 20s), where the old italian family of the south meets the greek one and together they struggle to keep all that reminds of their homeland: family, traditions, close friendly relations.

frankie_restaurant_2_1095photo: Frankie restaurant

Such a time and aesthetic experimentation specifies Frankie's identity. Nathan Makri's frescoes on the old ceiling, along with hanging lamps and pots, wood heater, marble, wood and iron give a sense of space where human relations overcome the cruelty of agony for an uncertain future. The two creators wanted Frankie to be the first restaurant with an old italian atmosphere that looks at the same time really greek and all so laid out and designed so as to be conspicuous and perforated.

Dominant decorative material is copper, which, apart from the first metal in the history of human culture, is also a symbol of good health and energy. An enormous copper sheet hanging over Frankie's bar divides the hall and the bar with an impressive and at the same time distinctive way, but also delineates in a firm and yet noble way the relationship of the people who formed Frankie with its guests.

frankie_restaurant_3_1095photo: Frankie restaurant

frankie_restaurant_4_620photo: Frankie restaurant

frankie_restaurant_5_1095photo: Frankie restaurant

frankie_restaurant_6_1095photo: Frankie restaurant

frankie_restaurant_7_1095photo: Frankie restaurant

frankie_restaurant_8_1095photo: Frankie restaurant

frankie_restaurant_9_1095photo: Frankie restaurant

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