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02 Νοεμβρίου 2017
Boris Provost: «Equip Ηotel Paris 2018 is the place to be, for each exporting Greek brand».

The show director of Equip Hotel, Paris, points out the factors that make this exhibition really distinctive as a hotel and restaurants business place

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Τhe trade show in Paris (11–15 November 2018) gathers the most  renowned professionals aiming to offer its guests the most sophisticated and up to date services and information regarding the hospitality sector. Show Director Boris Provost talks to Interiors from Greece about the 2018 edition.

borris_greece_eng_1095_01photo: Boris Provost, show director of Equip Hotel, Paris

Recently, you proceeded to the redesign of the exhibition’s visual identity under the motto “inspirations”. Which is your main aim?

«The aim is to clarify the overall offer of the show. It could be sometimes complicated for a visitor to find easily what he is looking for among 1.600 exhibiting brands. The main goal is to position EH as an expert, a reference on these 5 hospitality sectors: gastronomy, design, wellness, digital and service».

Which factors influence your inspiration regarding the structure and the presentation of the different product sections presented in each Equip Hotel fair?

«The market evolution and the hospitality trends are inspiring our team.  Each person of the team is constantly keeping an eye on the new trends. We usually work with many experts and trendsetters».

3_eh2018_1095photo: Equip Hotel Paris 2018

According to your opinion, which features differentiate Equip Hotel Paris from the rest of the hotel equipment exhibitions? Which are the competitive advantages of this internationally significant fair?


-A huge offer of 1.600 brands, from which the 35% are international brands.
-More than 100.000 visitors from France and around Europe.
-We gather hotel suppliers from more than 30 sectors of activity.
-We are setting up an ephemeral hotel during the 5 days of the show.
-We welcome restaurant owners, hotel owners and influencers (each category at the rate of 30%).
-The show takes place in Paris, the Capital of Hospitality.
-The show is addressed to a wide range of exhibitors. Moreover a visitor can find not only big companies but also small ones».

4_eh2018_1095photo: Equip Hotel Paris 2017

Which are the actions that you have taken in order to broaden the exhibition to even more foreign visitors? What are your plans concerning the international promotion followed?

«Currently, 20% of our visitors are foreigners. Most of them are coming from Belgium, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, UK, Portugal, Turkey and North Africa. In each country, we have a representative who is in charge of the promotion and PR. To get on board more international visitors, we set up an international Hosted Buyer Program. We will invite architects, importers/distributors and hotel owners from Europe as well as from UAE».

5_eh2018_1095photo: Equip Hotel Paris 2018

Any interesting ideas for the upcoming parallel events? How supportive are all of the parallel events that encompass EquipHotel?

«For next EH edition, we will organize many parallel events to attract more and more visitors:

-At the entrance of the hall dedicated to Gastronomy, we will set up an innovation forum where we will be presented the most innovative products of the hall. There the visitors will be able to test products.
-We will host the competition of “best French sommelier” and two cooking competitions a day, the convention of “Chateaux et Hotels collections”, the convention of “Le college Culinaire” (association which gathers more than 500 famous French chefs). Also, Rungis, the famous Parisian food market, will set up a live show cooking village.

-The main restaurant of the hall will be designed by Sandrine Alouf, a famous French interior designer.
-L’UNIFA (French trade union of furniture brands) will set up the “Interior Design Centre”, a VIP lounge where architects, influencers, restaurant and hotel owners will be welcomed to participate in talks and networking meetings while enjoying their cocktail.
-The Village Signature will gather 20 selected brands of fabrics, wallpapers, carpets and paintings.
-“Meet My Project” exhibition will present in exclusivity a selection of young furniture editors dedicated to Hospitality market.

-A selection of 12 beauty start ups will participate for the first time.
-A programme of conferences and talks will be organised in the Spa area.

-Many start ups will participate for the first time.
-A digital Roof top will gather the selection of the most innovative products of the show».

6_eh2018_1095photo: Equip Hotel Paris 2017

How efficient is the “Studio” project and how demanding is its staging?

«We launched the Studio concept last edition. The concept is to recreate an ephemeral hotel in the show. During the last edition, 85% of the visitors passed by the Studio. It was “The Destination”! Regarding the set up, we worked for 18 months before the show with our architects team. It is a project that further enhances the prestige of the show as well as the visitors’ experience».

Which are the main reasons why a greek company should take part in Equip Hotel Paris 2018? What are the advantages that a Greek company should take into account?

«Equiphotel is the place to be if a greek brand want to export its products in France and Europe. It’s also a meeting place where you can be introduced to many influencers of the hospitality market.

Regarding Greece, I can say that your country has a huge tourism culture linked to your history. For such a long time you have attracted many tourists and you must have developed many hospitality offers and consequently many hospitality suppliers have been created. This fact, therefore, means that many companies in this field have been developed, with tremendous experience and expertise, and is really important for them to export it».

What new should we expect for Equip Hotel Paris 2018?

«We are going to reorganise the floor plan to make the visit experience easier. In addition, we will organise a purposeful hosted buyer programme. And of course all those parallel events that i mentioned above».

7_eh2018_1095photo: Equip Hotel Paris 2018

8_eh2018_1095photo: Equip Hotel Paris 2017

9_eh2018_1095photo: Equip Hotel Paris 2018

10_eh2018_1095photo: Equip Hotel Paris 2017

11_eh2018_1095photo: Equip Hotel Paris 2017

12_eh2018_1095photo: Equip Hotel Paris 2017


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