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29 Ιανουαρίου 2018
Avaton: haute-design bathroom accessories

Curves and distinctive shades characterize the new collection of bathroom accessories designed by Valentino Marengo for Sanco.

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Industrial designer Valentino Marengo wanted to overturn the intimate and given picture that dominates the bathroom accessories utilizing the contemporary aesthetics of the curves as well as the vibrant setting that can be made up by the intense colors. The new Avaton collection serves in the most creative way the timeless greek minimalism with its design being an infinitely tribute to the cycladic figurines.

avatonvalentinomarengo3_620photo: Avaton collection by Valentino Marengo

The designer

Born in Torino, Valentino Marengo graduated from the Accademia Albertina of Fine Arts in Torino and he got a Master in Product Design at the Domus Academy in Milan. As a visual artist he has shown his work in many national and international exhibitions in Europe and United States. In 2004 he worked as product designer for the Italian design firm Pininfarina Extra for which he designed, among many other products, the concept of the Olympic torch for the winter Olympic Games Torino 2006. Now, he lives in Athens working as product designer and stage designer.

avatonvalentinomarengo6_620photo: Avaton collection by Valentino Marengo

The company

Sanco is the only greek industry designing and manufacturing bathroom accessories. At the in-house designing lab of the company, the golden rule of the Greek aesthetics goes all the way from antiquity to modern day. High-profile industrial designers create and design drawing their inspiration from the timeless Greek minimalism. Bathroom accessories witnessing an austere ancient greek design that lays the foundations for the robust lines of the modern-day industrial design. Product lines that harmoniously pair the purity of straight lines with the plasticity of curves as well as classy and vintage creations that always stay true to the ideal of balance. Boasting a vertically integrated manufacture plant and distancing itself from the mass production culture, Sanco is more of an EXCLUSIVE BOUTIQUE in the delicate field of finishing touches in bathroom accessories while it also offers a bespoke suggestion of colors. 

avatonvalentinomarengo4_620photo: Avaton collection by Valentino Marengo

avatonvalentinomarengo2_620photo: Avaton collection by Valentino Marengo

avatonvalentinomarengo7_620photo: Avaton collection by Valentino Marengo

avatonvalentinomarengo5_620photo: Avaton collection by Valentino Marengo

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