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22 Ιανουαρίου 2018
Architectural competition from the Hellenic Institute of Architecture & ALUMIL

The framework of the competition includes the architectural planning of a municipal nursery and multi-purpose room, in the municipality of Dionysos, Athens.

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Starting at the beginning of January and ending on May 5th, the architectural competition ArXellence invites participants to develop a two-level building including an Infant and Toddler Unit and Multipurpose Hall on the 1st floor, giving priority to the proper functioning of the whole complex, the relationship between structured and unstructured space and its imprint on the environment.


*The Infant and Infant Care Unit will be located on the ground floor of the building so that access is unobstructed, without the need for stairways but sloping levels of mild inclination and will include the following areas: reception / administration, infant and infant spaces and ancillary spaces.

*The Multipurpose Hall will be located on the 1st floor of the building and access will be through a stairwell, ramp or lift for people with mobility difficulties. The hall will include entrance, sanitary facilities, a canteen and a small storage area. Its configuration, its ability or not to separate and its entire surface is the responsibility of the contestants.


The right to participate is granted to qualified architects who have certificate of professional competence - individually, in the form of a company or in groups of natural or legal persons.

Those involved in the organization of the contest and those involved in the preparation of the program are not entitled to participate directly or indirectly.


*Application for registration on the website of the Hellenic Institute of Architecture (cost € 30). The closing date for registration is February 12th.

*Receipt of the competition material electronically from the website of the Hellenic Institute of Architecture (( by downloading the password after the completion of the registration

*Acquisition of specialized material for ALUMIL products from the showrooms of the company in Athens, Thessaloniki and Limassol as well as from the Benaki Museum in Piraeus. Alternatively, there is the ability for a postal consignment or download electronically through the Downloads section

*The submission of proposals will take place at the offices of the Hellenic Institute of Architecture (Benaki Museum, Piraeus 138 & Andronikou, 118 54 Athens, 1st floor, +30 210 7216670).

The organizers

ALUMIL: the largest private industrial complex in Southeastern Europe in productive capacity for integrated aluminum systems and among the most recognized suppliers of systems for architectural use worldwide.

Hellenic Institute of Architecture: aims at the development of architecture in Greece, by activating in all areas that can attract public interest and promote the case of architectural creation in Greece.

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